We potentially have eight circuits. The first four are linear and imprinted us with the local cultural value-systems. These circuits narrow the polymorpheous infant into an adjusted adult with one personality, one sex-role, one system of beliefs…

The four later, still evolving circuits activated by shamans and mystics are not just an “escape” from anxiety of the dualistic ego. You aren’t supposed to just turn them on, go into bliss, and sink into a hedonistic silk-lined womb. That’s just the input stage, comparable to the adolescent drop into compulsive masturbation when the Sex Circuit first turns on.
You should then go on to find the program, the proper use of the new energies. The pot-head who sits around blissed-out hasn’t found out yet what pot is for, what rapture imprints do to all the earlier imprints… just taking the input and not doing anything with it. Transcendental Masturbation.

Dr. Timothy Leary, quoted by Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger
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